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What is Micro-current anti aging facial rejuvenation?

Microcurrent Technology is used to increase collagen and elastin, stimulate and heal muscle (will NOT feel muscle contractions), create ATP (adenosine 5'triphosphate), stimulate meridian points.

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Micro-current in esthetics

The use of micro current in medicine and cosmetic improvement has been studied for more than 30 years. Stimulation with micro current is also called bio stimulation or bioelectric therapy because it encourages cell physiology and growth.  Microcurrent gently encourages repair of the statum corneum, the bi-layers and dermal components to foster the skin into a healthier state. Cosmetic micro current is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of the skin. 

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MicroCurrent impulses trigger a chemical reaction at a cellular level to increase the effectiveness of how our bodies use ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a protein that is referred to as ‘the energy of life’. MicroCurrent mimics the electrical signals from the brain to the message center of the muscle, which is the tendon. True microcurrent uses less that 500 microamperes(Ua) and because of its low intensity cannot cause visible muscle contractions.
Non Surgical Face Lift

Muscle re–education is most related to the term “facial toning”. There are 43 muscles of the face that are manipulated during the average macro current non surgical face lifting treatment.

In terms of product penetration, microcurrent offers specific Iontophoresis that allows superior penetration of water based products into the skin. The idea that the electrical current emits from one probe and returns to the other allows specific focus on products penetration.

Botox and Microcurrent are great companions. Botox is very helpful to smooth expression wrinkles and Electric current helps everything else like collagen and elastin of the skin. 

Post-surgery treatments also are vital to maintain the results of the surgical face lift.

Microcurrent Body Contouring

A vibratory action releases the muscle before full contraction and quickly begins the next contraction. These waveforms assist the body to break down resistant fat, specially around the abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. Lymph drainage is highly stimulated to support flushing of accumulated toxins and fluids, especially those causing the build up of cellulite and dimpling.

Benefits of Micro-current 

Enhances face and body sculpting

Increase natural production of collagen and elastin 

Blood vessels increased 

Promotes a firmer and tighter feeling on the skin surface

Supports circulation - blood and lymph 

Reduces inflammation

Increase cell metabolism and tissue repair

Reeducate and rejuvenate muscle tissue

Use pre and post surgery to improve both the muscle and tissue

Post surgical microcurrent diminishes irritation, swelling, scar tissue

Muscle tightening in the abdominal area

Body shaping and Cellulite reduction on the body

The effects of microcurrent are accumulative and studies have confirmed that there are significant side benefits including muscle re-education. Be aware that results are also dependent upon lifestyle, age, health, and condition of the skin tissue.

This treatment is used for photo shoots and weddings, as it gives the face a beautiful "glow", reenergising and recharging the cells in the face.

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The revolutionary Medilft Diamond Dynamic Wave Form Therapy delivers non-surgical changes in your muscle tone and lift. The result provides restored health, beauty and vitality for an all new you.

How many treatments are necessary?

Face Lift treatments: 6 - 12 treatments is recommended for sustainable results.

Body Contouring and Muscle Tone Treatments: An average of 12 treatments is recommended.

Variables including personal goals, age, and life style.